Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.

Snowmobile Rentals

We rent modern and high quality four stroke snowmobiles. Finnish made Lynx four stroke snowmobiles are quiet, economic and smokeless! Our professional and knowledgeable staff guides you to snowmobiling and to the tracks of the area. Snowmobile track starts right from our office. We only rent snowmobiles for guests who have previous snowmobile driving experience…
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Snowmobile Safaris

We do guided snowmobile tours for everyone who is interested to join one of our many tours, for drivers of all experience. All of our snowmobile safaris include warm snowmobiling gear, guiding and instructions. You need to have your own warm under layer and also preferably skiing pants and a warm shirt for extra warmth.…
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Longer Snowmobile Safaris

Our shorter (max 1 full day safaris) can be found FROM HERE Are you longing for a real snowmobile adventure? Pyhä Safaris offers you longer snowmobile tours in eastern Lapland. Join these tours for the trip of your lifetime. These trips are directed for more experienced drivers with a good physique, as the tracks might…
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Most of our guides are locals living near Pyhä and have experience and/or have done school or courses of guiding and dealing with the changing seasons of Lapland. We are lucky to have good guides who don’t just come here for one season but our staff stays mostly the same over the years.

Day Safaris

Enjoy the scenery of Pyhä Fell. We take a break at a wilderness hut and enjoy a snack. Duration: about 2h. More info: Snowmobile safari to Reindeer Park Kopara. At the farm we will have a coffee and we get to feed the reindeer. Duration is about 3 hours. More info: Full day snowmobile adventure…
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About Pyhä Safaris

Our company Pyhä Safaris was started by the current manager Tommi’s parents Sinikka and Raimo in 2004. We first started with just 6 snowmobiles and a small rented office in Pyhä. Nowadays we have our own safari house and a fleet of about 30+ snowmobiles, ice karting cars, minibuses etc. Our idea at the start…
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Pyhätunturin hiihtokeskus sijaitsee Pelkosenniemen kunnassa, ainutlaatuisen Pyhä-Luoston kansallispuiston vieressä. Pyhä tunnetaan erinomaisista ja monipuolisista rinteistään sekä kodikkaasta tunturifiiliksestä. Lisätietoja: Pyhätunturin sijainti Pelkosenniemen ja Kemijärven kuntien rajalla takaa hyvät kulkuyhteydet niin omalla autolla kuin myös julkisilla kulkuyhteyksillä liikkuville. Lento- ja junayhteydet yhdessä päivittäisten SkiBus vuorojen kanssa Rovaniemeltä ja Kemijärveltä tarjoavat vaivattoman väylän tunturiin. Rovaniemelle…
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About Renting

SNOWMOBILE RENTAL – HIRE SNOWMOBILE SAFARIS PYHA Let’s Go to Lapland- the wilderness is waiting …for you, your family and friends, offer them an experience of the lifetime, a snowmobile ride to the unique scenery of Pyhä. Experience the exoticism of Lappish nature during the snowmobile safari or choose your own paths using the rental…
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Ice Karting

Ice Karting at Pyhä is a totally new experience that is fun and exciting. It is an activity that is easy to learn and get going, but difficult to master. Ice Karting allows everyone who is 15 years old or older, and taller than 150cm, to drive and compete with similar karts. The Ice Karting…
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Rental Conditions

Rental conditions We only rent snowmobiles for individuals who have previous experience of snowmobiling and know the area well. We do not rent snowmobiles on Christmas season (we start renting about 10th of January) The snowmobile and/or other equipment must to be returned at the same good condition to Pyhä Safaris as it was when…
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