Rental Conditions

1. The snowmobile must not be used in any competition or any unlawful activity. The driver agrees to drive only on official snowmobile tracks and obey snowmobiling rules and regulations. The speed limit is 60 Kph on the tracks and 80 Kph on the ice.
2. Driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is prohibited by Finnish law.
3. The driver is held liable for damages caused to the snowmobile and any other expenses that may occur for not obeying rules and regulations (e.g. speeding fines).
4. The driver is held liable for damages and injuries caused to the third party.
5. The snowmobile has to be returned at the same good condition as it was taken out.
6. If any damages or breakages occur to the snowmobile the owner must be notified immediately. The snowmobile must not be repaired without owner´s permission.
7. Excess amount in any accident / damage case is 900 € / snowmobile.
Excess is to be paid to the owner of the snowmobile.
8. If the snowmobile is not returned as agreed, the owner has a right to charge double fee for any excess time and charge for any other expenses that may occur for the late returning of the snowmobile.
9. Further loaning / renting out of the snowmobile is prohibited.
10. Rent doesn’t include fuel.
11. The driver of the snowmobile must be at least 15 years of age. Anyone under 18 years of age needs permission from a guardian. A valid driving license is needed for driving.
12. The owner is not obliged to compensate any expenses which may occur by customer travelling back to the rental place or anywhere else if the snowmobile breaks down or is damaged.
13. The owner has a right to cancel the contract immediately, if the user of the snowmobile breaks or obviously would break the terms of these rental conditions or is not capable driving and handling the snowmobile. The owner has the same right, if the customer has given false information.
14. Maximum driving distance: 200 km / day (extra kilometres: 0,75 € /km)

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