Summer activities

Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.

Summer activities

Summer and autumn in Pyhätunturi is full of nature based activities like hiking and mountain biking. Pyhä-Luosto National Park is just next to our resort and it’s really easy to experience Lapland and it’s magical nature on your visit to Pyhätunturi.
We offer guided activities in the area, always with a local guide. We also do taxi transfers in the area and to the area from the nearby airports and cities.

A guided hiking trip in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. We will visit the most famous landmarks of the park, the Isokuru gorge and the waterfall Pyhänkasteenputous. Guided by a local guide, you will get to hear interesting stories about the park and the history surrounding these holy lands of the Sami people. This trip can be done as a shorter trip to the gorge and back just to admire the Pyhänkasteen waterfall, or as a longer round trip around the Kultakero fell. Snack break around a campfire.
Price: 3 hour trip 45 € / adult, 30 € / child, 5 hour trip 65 € / adult, 45 € / child.

The amethyst mine in Lampivaara is one of a kind and it’s open for visitors almost whole year around. Transfer by car to Lampivaara from where we hike the steps up to the mine, which is at the top of the fell. Stories of amethyst after which you get to dig your own lucky amethyst. This program comes with a great view of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park!
Duration is about 2,5 hours.
Price: 55 € / adult, 30 € / child.

A guided canoeing trip on the Pyhäjärvi lake. This beautiful lake in the middle of the fells is a great place to learn canoeing with a local guide. The lake is surrounded by old pine forests and old cultural village of Pyhäjärvi is situated on the northern end of the lake. We also rent canoes (including transportation there and back) if you want to go by yourself!
Duration of the trip is about 2 hours.
Price: 45 €/ person.
A guided paddling trip on the Pyhä-river. This quiet streaming river is a great place to get familiar with the Lappish nature and see different birds and animals of the area. A snack break by the fire with a local guide. We also rent canoes (including transportation there and back) if you want to go by yourself!
Duration of the trip is about 4 hours.
Price: 80 €/ person.

Enjoy mountain biking in Pyhä-Luosto! There is some great new mountain biking trails in and around Pyhä-Luosto National Park. We will choose a suitable track for the trip depending of your experience and fitness level.

2 hour trip ( about 5 – 10 km trip, includes a mountain bike or a fatbike, helmet and guiding. 65 € / person

4 hour trip (about 20 – 25 km trip with varied tracks in Pyhä area, includes a mountain bike or a fatbike, helmet, guiding, snack lunch), 95 € / person

6 – 8 hours full day trip (about 35 – 40 km in Pyhä-Luosto National Park’s tracks, with a wilderness lunch break, includes mountain bike/fatbike, helmet, guiding, wilderness lunch break, transportation to Luosto to the starting point, 150 € / person

Lapland’s forests have a lot of flavorful foods that can be picked up for free. Wild berries and mushrooms are an important part of a finnish diet. During this trip you will learn and find common Lappish edible berries and mushrooms according to the season. This trip is available from June until the end of September.
Duration is about 3-4 hours.
Price: 65 € / adult, 40 € / child.