Our other guided summer activities

Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.

Our other guided summer activities

Summer and autumn in Pyhätunturi is full of nature based activities like hiking and mountain biking. Pyhä-Luosto National Park is just next to our resort and it’s really easy to experience Lapland and it’s magical nature on your visit to Pyhätunturi.
We offer guided activities in the area, always with a local guide. We also do taxi transfers in the area and to the area from the nearby airports and cities.

Scenery walk at the top of Pyhä fell

We take a ski lift to visit to the top of the Pyhä Fell.

At the top of the Pyhä Fell, we can visit the small cafeteria Tsokka, or admire the view from the small scenery hut which is open for everyone. We can experience the Huttu-Ukko art route on the top of Pyhä and on our way back we can have a look of the Tajukangas gorge, which is the location for Pyhäkuru Adventure Park and Bliss Adventure’s ice wall climbing. 

Price: 2,5-3 hours trip 40 € / person (3-10 persons)

Canoeing on lake Pyhäjärvi
A guided canoeing trip on the Pyhäjärvi lake. This beautiful lake in the middle of the fells is a great place to learn canoeing with a local guide. The lake is surrounded by old pine forests and the village of Pyhäjärvi is situated on the northern end of the lake.

We also rent canoes (including transportation there and back) if you want to go by yourself!
Duration of the trip is about 2 hours.
Price: 55 €/ person.

Pyhäjärvi boat cruise

What would be nicer on a warm summer day, than to be on a boat. Our relaxing boat trip takes you around lake Pyhäjärvi, we can stop by the beaches and enjoy some snacks and swimming in the clear waters of the lake. The lake is only 2,67 km², but the deepest part is 18m deep. If you are staying in Sunday Morning Resort, or Kurula’s Resort, we can pick you up directly from your resorts pier.

Prices are: 2 hours 190 € (1-4 persons), 3,5 hours 300 €

Kemijärvi boat cruise

Lake Pyhäjärvi is a small lake for a whole day boat cruise, so we would like to take you to lake Kemijärvi! Lake Kemijärvi is situated about 50 kilometers from Pyhätunturi, and it’s a lot bigger than Pyhäjärvi, 230,91 km². What most don’t know is that Kemijärvi has many beautiful beaches hidden from most travellers, you can visit only a couple of them by a car. We will take you around lake Kemijärvi and stop by for swimming or even fishing if you feel like it. On the 7 hours trip we will enjoy lunch on one of the beaches of the lake.

This trip includes transportation from Pyhä to Kemijärvi and back. (the transportation there and back is a total 1,5 hours more on the program duration)

Price (1-4 persons): 3,5 hours 390 €, 7 hours 700 € with lunch.

If you are interested in a fishing trip, check our fishing trips from: https://pyhasafaris.com/en/fishing-trips/ 

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