Snowmobile Safaris

Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.

Snowmobile Safaris

We do guided snowmobile tours for everyone who is interested to join one of our many tours, for drivers of all experience. All of our snowmobile safaris include warm snowmobiling gear, guiding and instructions. You need to have your own warm under layer and also preferably skiing pants and a warm shirt for extra warmth. If the weather is really cold, you could also leave your skiing pants and jacket underneath the overalls.
The driver of the snowmobile needs to have a valid driving license.

Family snowmobile safari
This beginner safari will take you to experience the beautiful scenery of Pyhä Fell and is suitable for the whole family. We take a break to make a fire and enjoy warm drinks and snacks next to a frozen river. Learn to drive a snowmobile with the help of our professional guides and experience being a part of a safari group to explore the beautiful forests of Pyhä. Duration is about 2 hours and the driving distance is about 14-20km.
Price: 99 € / person (2 persons / snowmobile), 69 € / child (3-12y). If someone wants to drive solo, it’s 131 €/person.

Snowmobile safari in the nature 3,5h
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Pyhä Fell on this driving safari in the forests of Lapland. Our journey takes us through frozen swamps and arctic forests and on our way we stop for a quiet break in the nature. We enjoy some warm drinks and a snack before continuing our way back to Pyhä.
Duration is about 3,5 hours and the driving distance is about 40 – 50 km (depending of the group, the conditions of the tracks and of weather).
Price: 129 € / person, 95 € / child (3-12y)
If someone wants to drive solo, it’s 171 €/person.

Snowmobile safari to reindeer park and reindeer sleigh ride
A snowmobile safari to reindeer park Kopara, where we will experience the life of the reindeer herder. We enjoy the old way of transportation in the forests on a reindeer sleigh ride. The reindeer herder will tell us fascinating stories of  the life with the reindeer. We get to feed the reindeer of the park and take some memorable photos. After the reindeer program we enjoy some reindeer soup, before heading back to Pyhä.
Duration is about 6 hours and the driving distance is about 45km.
Price: 205 € / person, 130 € / child (3-12y)
If someone wants to drive solo, it’s 270 €/person.

Evening snowmobile safari (18:00 – 20:30)
Enjoy the beautiful forests of Pyhä Fell on a snowmobile and take a journey to search for the northern lights in the beautiful evening covered with moonlight and stars. We direct our safari away from the lights of the ski center, deep in the forests of Pyhä. Depending of the weather and our group, we might have to move to another location or if the weather is really cloudy, we will mostly use our time driving.
The duration is about 2,5 hours and the distance is between 15-25 kilometers.
Price: 125 € / adult
Duration: 2,5 hours, distance: 15-25 km
If someone wants to drive solo, it’s 167 €/person.

Pyhä-Luosto safari
A full day snowmobile adventure around the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. We will use the Pyhä-Luosto main snowmobile track and our route goes through the marshes and forests of the area. We will get to admire the fells from our route and we will visit Luosto Fell on the way. We will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in Luosto. This is our most demanding safari and we wish that you are in a good physical shape and would have previous experience of snowmobiling. The duration is about 6 hours and the driving distance is about 100km.
Price: 199 € / person, if someone wants to drive solo, it’s 264 €/person.

Snowmobile safari with ice fishing and lunch
A snowmobile safari to lake Pyhäjärvi, where we will get to try our luck in ice fishing. Our guide gives us instructions about ice fishing and we will get to drill our own holes and fish using bait. After the ice fishing session we will have lunch in a nearby restaurant. Duration is about 5 hours and the driving distance is about 20-30km.

Price: 190 € / person (2 persons / snowmobile), 150 € / child (3-12y), If someone wants to drive solo, it’s 250 €/person.

We also arrange longer snowmobile tours in the spring season for groups, in example an overnight wilderness cabin safari or a 2-4 day eastern Lapland tour. Please ask for an offer!


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