About Pyhä Safaris

Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.

About Pyhä Safaris

Our company Pyhä Safaris was started by the current manager Tommi’s parents Sinikka and Raimo in 2004. We first started with just 6 snowmobiles and a small rented office in Pyhä. Nowadays we have our own safari house and a fleet of about 30+ snowmobiles, ice karting cars, minibuses etc.
Our idea at the start was to offer personal small group activities for our guests, and it has not changed at all, we still try to keep our activities local, personal, and culturally appropriate.
Our team is full of professionals on their own field, everyone with a different expertise.


~ We are a local company, our roots are here in eastern Lapland
~ We own all of our equipment (no leased snowmobiles)
~ We are capable of taking large groups if needed
~ Family owned and operated
~ Safari house in the centre of Pyhä, with very comfortable dressing areas
~ All of us speak English
~ If you have more questions you can always ask by e-mail, call or visit us.

Our history:::
Business history: Our roots in entrepreneurship go way back, as matter of fact we are at least 3rd or who knows how many generations of entrepreneurs. Our immediate family has managed gas stations, restaurants, car dealer ships, camping area, race teams, etc..

History: Company was founded by Raimo and Sinikka Haikonen with great help from their sons. Raimo and his family arrived in Kemijarvi from Rovaniemi in the seventies to start a family business. Later on Raimo was very active localy and started several other businesses also, but at the start of 2000’s, his interest for motors and snowmobiling started Pyhä Safaris. Father Raimo has always loved all kinds of sports and outdoors, he has competed in speed skating, rally racing, motor cycles, snowmobiles, etc…
Mother Sinikka was actually the force behind this business, she pretty much took care of most of the rental and safari business. Sinikka always loved the outdoors, she was also the finnish slalom champ in early 70’s.
The oldest son Toni Haikonen  has driven and raced snowmobiles and motorcycles since childhood, He raced for total of 20 years. 12 years in Europe and 8 years in USA. Toni won ESPN X Games, European, Finnish, USA Championships in snowmobile snowcross.
Younger brothers Timo and Tommi were working in the company as they were studying. Timo is now studying to be a pilot and Tommi has taken over the business after his tourism studies. Tommi is a bachelor of tourism, as well as a licensed fishing guide. We are very happy to be working with visitors and helping them experience the beauty of our nature. We believe its the most rewarding when we can make people happy and relaxed with our service knowing that everybody is also safe.

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