Reindeer programs

Reindeer park visit and feeding the reindeer is something everyone needs to experience when travelling to Lapland.
In these Pyhä Safaris programs, you get to visit a local reindeer park Kopara, feed the reindeer and hear about the life of the reindeer.
You can also join for a reindeer safari with a reindeer sleigh.

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A snowmobile safari to reindeer park Kopara, where we’ll get to enjoy a half n hour reindeer sleigh ride. We will hear stories of the reindeer and the life of a reindeer herder and we also get to feed the reindeer of the park. We enjoy a cup of coffee before heading back to Pyhä.
Distance to the park is about 21km / one way, by the Pyhä-Luosto main track, in a changeable terrain.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration is about 3 hours.
In the week program on Fridays 10:00 – 14:00.
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Car trip to Reindeer Park Kopara

Visiting a local Reindeer Park Kopara with a car transport. We will have a short (about half hour) reindeer sleigh ride, we will hear stories about the reindeer told by a reindeer herder and we will get to feed the reindeer.
We will enjoy a cup of coffee before heading back to Pyhä.
On week program on Wednesdays 11:30.
Price: 75€/adult, 35€/child(3-12y)

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